An Elevation of a Suburban House Design in Denver, Colorado.
  • A House Renovation Designed by Aaron Gordon
  • Custom House Design

    Residential Design
    Your perfect home is waiting.

    Additions & Secondary Buildings
    Garages, sunrooms, pop-tops, greenhouses, and more.

    Landscape Design
    Green roofs to edible landscaping, the garden is the heart of the home.
  • A Detail from a set of Residential Construction Documents
  • Drafting & Construction Documents

    The standard in technical design across every production industry.

    Hand Production
    Nothing compares to the quality and line work of hand rendering.

    As-Built Documents
    Accurate dimensions for making precise alterations and records.
  • An As-Built Documentation Drafted in CAD
  • Technical Design

    Schematic Diagrams
    MEP layouts, circuit diagrams, network maps, and more.

    Solar Load Analysis
    The first step in passive home heating and photovoltaic arrays.

    Heating & Cooling Load Analysis
    Required calculations for new homes and many additions.